Monday, May 31, 2010

Optimism never gets you anywhere.

The ex - "have you seen sex and the city 2 yet?"

Me - "um, no" (thinking hey, maybe he's trying not to be a dick and is going to offer to take me - oh, how stupid I can be...)

Him - "I won't say anything then"

Me - "Um, yeah, I haven't exactly had time to see it. Why, did you see it or something?"

Him - "oh yeah"

Me - "um, seriously?"

Him - "Yeah, with N (his "friend" who he met through another female "friend" via a certain business reviewing website, and chatted with both online frequently and discussed rather intimate details of our relationship with - just to set the stage here) - it was her dying wish as a New Yorker since she moves soon"

Me - silence

Him - "did i tell you she got mugged last week?"

Me - thinking that he is fully aware of the fact that we have barely spoken in 11 days - "uh. no." silence.

Him - looks at me like I'm an asshole

Me - doesn't fucking care.

I packed my first box tonight (well, I packed 9 in total, but whatever, we're talking about the first). It broke my heart all over again. I wrote a rent check for the new apartment tonight. First time I've written a check to someone else in nearly 2 years. It broke my heart some more.

Then, as a real slap in the face, as I was about to leave the apartment to get a bottle of wine so I could have a glass and a break to reward my packing efforts, I was literally greeted by a Census worker coming to survey us in person, so I got to explain all about the fact that yes, I lived here on April 1, but I'm about to move out.

I'm so done. So.Done.

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